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Study in Perth and get to know our sunny city while you learn. Food, fashion, art, culture, sport and entertainment in Western Australia.

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{Your} city of possibilities

In Perth we value a balance of work and leisure in our lives and we make the most of Australia’s open spaces with our city design and housing. The city centre is the home of business, as well as dozens of new bars, clubs and restaurants. Surrounding entertainment districts provide relaxed environments for music, theatre, festivals and cinema and are minutes away from the peace and security of residential areas. Our Swan River, historic Fremantle port and Kings Park Botanic Gardens are the hub of outdoor recreation in the city, and our beaches are wide, pristine and welcoming.

Perth’s flourishing cultural life brings benefits to residents and visitors alike. Never before has there been such a rush of people, ideas, food, music, art, innovation, industry, employment and enterprise in our city. 

Never before have there been so many possibilities.