Student associations

In Western Australia we celebrate the belief that life is about balance and student life is no exception. Studying in Perth involves an excellent education, but it’s also about making friends, exploring new interests and having fun under Western Australia’s famous blue skies!

Joining a student association is a great way to meet new people and get involved in student life outside of the classroom.

Your education institution may host a number of student associations (also called clubs, groups and societies) with different purposes, including:

  • Academic associations that link you with other students who are studying your subjects or are in your faculty.
  • International and religious associations where you can interact with local and international students from your country or religious background.
  • Interest groups that gather to discuss and act on certain social or educational issues.
  • Social, sporting and leisure associations for you to enjoy extra-curricular activities and events outside of the classroom.

To become a member of a student association, you usually have to be enrolled at the hosting institution, so it is best to contact your Student Guild or International Office for more details.