Finding your way in Perth 

Perth is growing every day and we are constantly finding new ways to connect with each other across our city, while maintaining the wide open spaces we love. Our public transport system is expanding alongside the city and it has never been easier to explore Perth, from Fremantle to Joondalup and everywhere between.

Buses, trains and ferries 

Perth’s Public Transport System is divided into travel “zones” and is designed to be easy to use for everyone visiting our city. We have a safe, modern network of buses, trains and ferries, which is always under expansion to meet the needs of our growing city. You are able to use any combination of these three services on one ticket. Travel fares are valid for up to three hours and are determined by the number of “zones” you travel through during your journey. 

To view our public transport timetables and maps visit Transperth.

Students travel cheaply – or for free! 

All buses within Perth, Fremantle and Joondalup city zones are free for everyone. And as an international student, you will receive a 40 per cent discount on all public transport throughout Western Australia!


Metered taxis operate throughout Perth. You can book a taxi by phone, online, with an app from your smartphone or by waiting at taxi ranks located at transport terminals, main hotels and shopping centres. You can also hail taxis on the street.

Private vehicles 

Owning a vehicle in Western Australia:

You may decide to purchase your own car or motorcycle while you are studying in Perth. However, be aware that you will be responsible for the vehicle’s registration, repairs, fuel, insurance and service costs.

Your registration will also include Compulsory Third Party insurance, which will cover any personal injury to other people if you have an accident. This will not cover you for any damage to your car, or any other cars or property involved in a crash. It also won’t cover you if you’re injured in a single-vehicle crash, so we always recommend that you get proper car insurance and health insurance

Do I need to get a Western Australian driver’s license? 

If you will be in Australia for less than three months, you can drive with an international driver’s license. (You must carry a translation if the document is not in English.)

If you plan to stay longer than three months, you will need to obtain an Australian driver’s license by taking a test on our country’s highway codes and regulations.

Ride a bike! 

With Perth's sunny climate and level terrain, cycling is a great way to travel around the city.

Perth has an excellent and expanding network of on-road and off-road cycle paths. You can bring your own bike or buy/hire one when you arrive.

Download cycle maps and guides from Bikewest, our State Government site.

Perth also has a fantastic cycling community. Department of Transport provides details on cycling events, news, stories and other topics about bike-riding throughout the city.