Perth's Climate

Your future under Perth’s blue skies

Perth has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. It is the sunniest capital city in Australia with clear blue skies an incredible 70% of the year! Our warm weather and clean air allow us to enjoy a year-round outdoor lifestyle and we make the most of our State’s natural beauty. Our treasured coastline of white sandy beaches makes the ocean and the Swan River a big part of our lives and culture and we work hard to maintain Western Australia’s unique national parks and gardens. 

Studying in Perth lets you take advantage of our sunny climate while earning a qualification for your future. Your weekends can be spent enjoying the outdoors at barbecues with friends or swimming in the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean.  

Sun awareness

Our beautiful weather means a lot of sunshine and in summer temperatures can rise above 40 degrees Celsius. It is important to take thorough precautions not to get sun-burnt or dehydrated whenever you are planning to spend time outdoors.

Perth experiences very high ultraviolet (UV) radiation levels for much of the year, so using sun protection is very important. It’s possible to get sunburnt even on a cool or cloudy day, as UV levels can still be high. Visit to check the UV forecast for Perth.

Season Months Av. max temperature Av. min temperature Av. days of rainfall per month Av. hours of sunshine per day
Summer Dec/Jan/Feb 29 ºC 17 ºC 4 11
Autumn Mar/Apr/May 24 ºC 14 ºC 9 7
Winter Jun/Jul/Aug 18 ºC 10 ºC 18 5
Spring Sep/Oct/Nov 21 ºC 12 ºC 11 9