Student Stories

Back home, Yumika struggled with her school work, but in Perth she found a more engaging and inspiring environment to study which has seen her prog

Giang came to study her PhD in Agriculture & Economics in Perth and wasn't sure what to expect, but she was hoping for a little more sunshine t

Nadia is studying a Bachelor of Human Resource Management and Business Law and has already gained some valuable experience even before she has fini

Samira first came to study a University Foundations course and is now studying Speech Pathology at university.

International Student

Greta enjoys the lifestyle in Perth and recommends it for study because it is a smaller city, making it easy to find accommodation and get around,

Before coming to study in Perth, Emily was worried she might not get the practical experience that she needed to be work ready by the time she fini

International student

Boyce's brother returned from studying in Perth saying that it was one of the most ideal places to study.

International student

Before Lorraine came to Perth, she feared she would feel homesick for Paris. But after arriving, Perth quickly began to feel like her second home.

Amanda is an international student from Malaysia and one of her concerns about studying in Perth was that she wouldn't meet friends and find a supp

Simone from Italy

Simone had heard a lot about Australia and was very excited to be able to come and study English in Perth.