How To Find Work

There are many ways to look for casual or part-time work in Perth, with jobs available to suit your study schedule and lifestyle.

When applying for a job, it is best to prepare a neatly presented resume which details your past work experience, volunteering and any relevant skills that will make you ideal for employment.

Need help writing a resume? The Western Australia Department of Training and Workforce Development can help you put together all your information to build a resume. Click here to start your resume.

Where to look for advertised jobs

There are a number of resources you can use to find the perfect casual or part-time job while you study. Most businesses now advertise for positions online, visit one of the below job-search sites to choose specific search criteria that best suits you.


You can search for local jobs in Perth’s major newspaper, The West Australian. Have a look at the employment section in the Wednesday and Saturday edition of the paper to view a range of different jobs across Perth.

In Person

Many small businesses such as café’s, restaurants, bars and supermarkets around where you study or live may also be looking to employ people. Why not visit them in person and politely ask to leave your resume for upcoming job vacancies.

Ask your networks

Another great way to find out about current jobs is to network within your study and social groups. Attend events, join sporting and cultural groups, and don’t be shy to ask about employment. You may be surprised by the opportunities that present themselves.

Many universities and colleges have job-search programs that can help you find work. Get in touch with the student administration staff at your university or college and ask for advice. You can also visit The 10 Step Job Search Plan for more information.

Careers after Graduating

After you graduate you will have the opportunity to start your career in Perth and begin working in your chosen field. You will see graduate positions open up and will be given the opportunity to work in one of Western Australia’s leading industries.

Western Australia’s workforce offers world-leading wages and will provide you with the skills and experience you need to improve your career opportunities internationally.

Before graduating, consider applying for a Temporary Graduate visa which will allow you to work in Australia for two to four years post-study.



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