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Indicateurs Economiques

Les Indicateurs Economiques de l'Australie Occidentale (ci-dessous) sont tirés de l'Australian Bureau of Statistics, du Department of Treasury et du site internet ANZ.

Population (September'15)
WA 2,598,200 WA has 11% of Australia's total population.
The State has grown by 2.2% since June 2014.
Australia 23,860,133
Unemployment rate (March'16)
WA 5.5% WA's unemployment rate remains lower than the national average.
Australia 5.7%
ANZ job vacancies (April'16)
WA 203 With 11% of the population, WA has 8% of the job vacancies in Australia.
Australia 2,530
Full time, ordinary time earnings (November'15)
WA $ 88,852 WA earnings are up by 1% over the year to November 2014. West Australians earn 11.4% more than the national average. (Figures are in AUD per year)
Australia $ 78,026
Exports (March'16)
WA $ 98.25 billion WA is responsible for 31.3% of Australia's total export income. (Figures are in AUD per year)
Australia $ 313.31 billion

*Information published by Australian Bureau of Statistics @ May 2016.