Top 10 Under $10

Perth is home to an exploding food scene with more than 100 new restaurants, cafes and bars popping up in the Perth CBD and Northbridge area in the last year alone.

Here in Perth, you can find many restaurants, cafes and pubs offering ‘cheap eats’ or student budget dining options throughout the week and we have found the top 10 you can get for less than $10.

Toastface Grillah

Tostie – $7

Rigby’s Bar and Bistro

Steak, chips and gravy – $10

Mack Daddy’s

New York slice pizza – $6

Ocean Fresh Fish and Chips

Fish and chips – $9.20

Alfred’s Kitchen

Hamburger – $7.50

Malaga Markets Japanese

Chicken katsu with rice – $10

Viet Hoa

Beef ball soup – $10


Roast meat sandwich (pork, lamb, beef) – $9

Run Amuk Hotdogs

The Brat – $9.50

G’Fun Café

Roast chicken and rice – $4.50

Last updated by StudyPerth in September 2017. Prices correct at the time of publication.
StudyPerth provides this information in good faith and as a free service for students.

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